Auto Injury

Everyday people find themselves involved in Auto Collisions causing Injury. Such injuries can vary from a minor muscular strain to a more a more serious, neurological injury.

If you are looking at our website, please look no further. Our clinic is committed to making this difficult experience as easy as possible for you, and to help you RECOVER.

If your auto collision has resulted in injuries such as a severe stiff neck, headache, difficulty in concentrating, frozen shoulder, debilitating pain etc. do not hesitate, contact our office immediately for a thorough history and examination from Dr. Ducey-Clark.

Our staff is here to assist you with opening your auto injury claim, paper work and any other details to help you get effective and proper care.

Dr. Ducey-Clark, D.C., P.C. will determine if you are a candidate for treatment within her clinic based on detailed history and assessment of your initial examination. Once your assessment has been completed, she will design your own personalized treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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