Our Philosophy

Falling Leaves Health was founded by Dr. Kenna S. Ducey-Clark, D.C., P.C., a Doctor of Chiropractic who passionately believes in providing a bridge between traditional and alternative healthcare treatment approaches. At Falling Leaves Health, we understand that every person is different and it is our objective to create a healthcare protocol for you that accurately reflects your individual needs and desires.

What is Functional Medicine?

We embrace a functional medicine approach to healthcare which is science-based and supports the treatment of the underlying cause of illness or injury, rather than treatment of symptoms alone.

At Falling Leaves Health, we are dedicated to helping patients find balance and health. Our approach is hands on. We provide the right tools for you to achieve, maintain, and to continue to improve your health.

We believe in our commitment to offering exceptional level of quality healthcare, and enthusiastically act as a catalyst to help our patients achieve their individual optimal level of health.

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