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If you are looking to maintain good health, physical fitness, or just want to feel better in your own skin, our General Wellness Care can help. At Falling Leaves Health, we are here to assist you in achieving all of your health goals.

Dr. Ducey-Clark strongly believes in creating a supportive plan for total body care. Patients often invest in the maintenance of their homes, cars, even computers before they do for themselves. Imagine how you would feel if you invested a little care in your own body.

Treatments at Falling Leaves Health in Denver are focused on the body as a whole connected system, rather than as separate compartments. Our treatment techniques utilize a wide variety of therapies from soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, physical therapy modalities, SOT, cold, laser, nutritional & dietary counseling, orthotic casting, biomechanical body analysis and more.

Dr. Ducey-Clark, will determine if you are a candidate for treatment based on your detailed medical history and assessment of your initial examination. Once your assessment has been completed, she will design your own personalized treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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