What To Expect

Falling Leaves Health is a “boutique” style, service-orientated healthcare practice.

Your First Visit at Falling Leaves Health

On your first visit with Dr. Kenna S. Ducey-Clark, D.C., P.C. you can expect to spend approximately one hour with her exploring your health concerns, history and goals. Attention, and quality time with the doctor is something that you can expect with each visit. During that initial visit you will have a consultation and/or examination to see if our solutions are a good fit to address your needs. Dr. Ducey-Clark will explain her specialized treatment approach utilizing her diverse training in a variety of health care modalities that are customized for your health needs, so you feel comfortable and well informed. 

At this time, depending on the care that you are requiring -- either for a functional medicine based consultation, holistic nutrition care,  injury care (including pre- and post-surgical), holistic health coaching, interdisciplinary health advocacy, and/chiropractic care,-- she may prescribe additional testing such as laboratory testing,  X-Rays, MRI and/or additional testing 

It is very important to fill out all required new patient paperwork and return back to us electronically 48 hours prior to your appointment time with Dr. Ducey-Clark.  This will give her adequate time to review your information and be prepared to make the most of your time together.

Regular Visits to Falling Leaves Health

Once Dr. Ducey-Clark has connected your health dots and has figured out what you need from your initial visit, you will be given an assessment and a specific plan of action to help you meet your health goals. With each subsequent visit the doctor will work on that plan, as you progress through your treatment. 

Follow-up visits for chiropractic and/or structural conditions usually last approximately 30 minutes, but can vary in length. If you are a functional medicine and/or nutrition only patient, those visits can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your consultation needs.

What Every New Patient Should Know

Dr. Ducey-Clark is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a functional medicine practitioner. Diagnosing and treating an array of health issues that have structural, soft tissue, physiological and/or nutritional origins is part of her daily practice. She has decades of experience helping patients heal from trauma, inflammatory-based diseases, and many other conditions, including healthy patients desiring well care.

She has found a unique niche with her forward-thinking approach to care that is different from the norm. Additionally, health and life coaching are often incorporated into her treatment protocols and she is always available to assist her patients with health advocacy needs. 

Dr. Ducey-Clark treats the whole person, utilizing her diagnostic abilities to look at all systems in the body rather than compartmentalizing her treatments. If she feels that you are not a candidate for her care, she will do her best to get you to the right health care practitioner that is.

Your Time Matters to Us

At Falling Leaves Health we recognize the value of time. We are dedicated to providing each patient with the highest level of attention and care. To achieve this we must allocate ample time for you on our schedule that we follow! 

You will not experience rushed visits to our clinic, and you will most likely be seen by the doctor at your appointment time, eliminating unplanned long waits in our reception room. If there is an emergency and the doctor is running behind, we will give you a complimentary call to notify you of such. In return we ask for you to arrive at your scheduled appointment time, and honor our 24 hour cancellation policy. 

Additional Information About Falling Leaves Health

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