Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common causes of pain today, affecting 8 out of 10 Americans. 

Contrary to popular belief, however, most back pain sufferers have not suffered from a recent trauma, such as a slip, twist fall or collision. Instead, low back pain is more often caused by a subtle accumulation injury via improper body mechanics. This can include factors as simple as poor posture, excessive sitting, poor work habits, heavy lifting, improper exercise (or lack of) and a variety of other lifestyle-related factors. 

Dr. Ducey-Clark’s approach here at Falling Leaves Health is to identify the underlying cause of your pain and to treat the problem by restoring the normal motion and position to the affected spinal bones using specific chiropractic adjustments and conjunctive therapies.  This approach has been supported by numerous research projects and is supported in the Rand study in helping patients return to a pain free life and sometimes even avoid risky surgery.

We will determine if you are a candidate for treatment at the clinic based on a detailed history and assessment of your initial examination. Once your assessment has been completed, Dr. Ducey-Clark will design your personalized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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