Although nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches.  Despite popular belief, suffering from headaches is NOT normal.  Many people live headache free lives…yes it is possible!  There are many different causes of headaches such as repetitive injuries, biomechanical, trauma…such as from a car accident/fall or twist, hormonal, environmental, life stress, etc.  And, there are many different types of headaches causing a wide range of symptoms such as burning, throbbing, aching and/or shooting pain.

Chiropractic care has been a safe form of effective care, that has assisted many headache sufferers, correct their condition. It is Dr. Ducey-Clark’s  goal is to correctly identify the type of headache, root cause, and to successfully treat the headache.  Her approach is not only to treat the symptoms such as pain, but to correct the functional problem that is causing that pain.

Dr. Ducey-Clark, D.C., P.C. will determine if you are a candidate for treatment within her clinic based on detailed history and assessment of your initial examination.  Once your assessment has been completed, she will design your own personalized treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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