Yes, chiropractic care can help children! At Falling Leaves Health, our Pediatric Chiropractic Care is administered to children safely and gently, and it's something that we've specialized in for many years.

Dr. Ducey-Clark sought out advanced training in pediatrics for two reasons: 

  • The first being her sincere belief that some lifetime spinal/structural/neurological  problems could be avoided if proper/timely pediatric chiropractic care was administered when the injury/condition first occurred.  
  • And secondly, to reassure caring parents of her qualifications to treat children safely and effectively.

Dr. Ducey-Clark has helped children with a variety of problems from competitive athletic injuries, falls off of bikes, out of trees, ADD or ADHD, Sensory Deficit Disorder, chronic ear infections, birth injuries, and more. If your child’s condition is out of her scope of practice, she will quickly refer you to the  proper practitioner for immediate care.

At Falling Leaves Health, we will determine if your child is a candidate for treatment within her clinic based on their detailed history and assessment of their initial examination. Once the assessment has been completed, we will design your child’s own personalized treatment plan that will fit your families lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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